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Family Mini
Sessions - 
Terms and

1. PAYMENT & PRICES: Dates are reserved when payment is made and terms and conditions are accepted. 


2. COVERAGE & LOCATION: Emma Bettes will aim to spend up to 15 minutes photographing. If the client is late, Emma Bettes cannot guarantee how much time the client will have for their session and if the client is more than 15 minutes late, Emma Bettes reserves the right to cancel the session with no refund. If Emma Bettes is late to the session then the client will still be entitled to a full 15 minutes photographing. The location will be decided by Emma Bettes and the client will be informed prior to the session. This year's sessions will be taking place in Emma Bettes' garden and are an experiment whereby Emma Bettes cannot guarantee how well certain plants have grown. The price reflects the unknown aesthetic nature of the shoot.


3. REQUESTED PHOTOGRAPHS: Emma Bettes creates a bespoke plan before every session based on the information provided by the client in order to make the sessions engaging and as fun as possible for any children present. Every effort will be made to listen to the client’s wishes regarding shots they may or may not want to be taken - however, Emma Bettes cannot guarantee any shots and will always aim to create natural looking images.


4. EDITING: Digital effects that are not considered darkroom techniques (i.e skin retouching, removal of items. etc) are very rarely used, and if asked for, Emma Bettes reserves the right to decline these requests or charge an additional fee. Emma Bettes has the final say on all editing and the client has not been authorised to retouch or add any filters, including any found on social media, to their images. 


5. STORAGE: The client’s photographs once sent in their completed form, digital online gallery, are archived on the photographer's hard drive. However, Emma Bettes does not guarantee your files will be indefinitely retained and archiving for personal use is the responsibility of the client. The client’s online gallery will be made available for a minimum of 1 month. The client will be informed before the gallery is removed via email.


6. CANCELLATION:  i) By Client: Cancellation must be made in writing by email to Emma Bettes ( Family mini sessions are non-refundable and so the client will not be due any monies back if they cancel. 

ii) By Emma Bettes: If Emma Bettes should cancel the contract for whatever reason, a full refund of any monies paid will be returned to the client. 


7. COPYRIGHT: The copyright in all photographs is owned by Emma Bettes.  

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