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Intimate Covid-Friendly Wedding

What a crazy year it has been. My heart has been breaking for so many of you who have had the stressful task of moving, cancelling, postponing, and postponing AGAIN, your weddings. A day that should be so full of joy has been overshadowed by literally the entire world battling an illness. Who could have predicted this?! Lots of my lovely couples have postponed to next year and I can't wait to celebrate with you! One couple, however, decided to move their day forward. YEP! You read that right. After weeks and months apart during the first lockdown, they decided they didn't want to wait until December to get married but instead changed their plans and had an intimate wedding in August. The sun was shining and their nearest and dearest were able to celebrate with them (some in person at a socially safe distance and some watched through a live stream). It was an absolutely magical day which started with a small church ceremony in the bride's home church, followed by an outdoor picnic on the university grounds. I just love love love that the time apart really did make their love stronger and more determined; that it made it so strong in fact, they couldn't wait another month to be husband and wife. They showed such resilience throughout as they had a really short time to rearrange plans and even then they had to change them because the government guidance kept changing. If you are waiting to get married and you're feeling like you'll never have the day you originally dreamed of having, I really hope their story and these images will inspire and comfort you. It may not be the day that you thought you would have but it doesn't mean it won't be every bit as special and glorious. Intimate weddings are truly beautiful and, whether you chose to wait for the big celebration or go for the smaller one now, your day will be perfect because you are marrying your love.

Reception Venue: Venue Reading, (Foxhill House, University of Reading)

Dress: Wed2B

Videographer: Jo Robbings

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