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Jack & Harriet

Now, it goes without saying that planning a wedding is stressful. We've all heard stories of nice, thoughtful people becoming bridezillas and total recluses. And it makes sense. It is, for most people at the time, the most important day of your life. Before wedding planning, you probably found that the biggest thing you had to organise was a major birthday or surprise party. There aren't many of us who have degree's in event planning and so we have no idea how to do it or where to start. For the lucky few, there are wedding planners out there to help. For everyone else, it's a case of muddle through and hope you remembered everything - while feeling totally and utterly stressed throughout.

Why am I telling you this? Because Jack and Harriet consistently broke all the rules on what I thoughta bride and groom should look like a month before their wedding, and then again on their wedding day. I don't mean physically look, of course - there was a dress and a suit and all that. I mean, that they were calm and collected and COULD NOT HAVE BEEN MORE CHILLED IF THEY WERE LYING DOWN. Anyone would think that they were guests at the wedding.

I met Jack and Harriet for the first time in August, roughly a month before the big day (of course we had chatted over email long before this). We went for a brief walk through some nearby woods, where I asked them to do a few strange things as I took photos of them, and then it was back to their house (two minutes down the road) for a cup of tea and to chat about the wedding. I asked how they were feeling about things and whether they had much left to do and Jack just said "I think it's all pretty much there". I made some comment about how hopefully nothing stressful crops up at the last minute (thinking back to my own, and many other of my close family and friends' weddings) and he just smiled and said "what's there to be stressed about?" That one line sums them up completely.

I love that this job of mine means that I get to meet so many different, lovely people and not only that, but I get to share in the best day of their lives. Jack and Harriet - you were both such a pleasure to meet. I hope you enjoy the photographs from your day.


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