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Kate and James' Smoke Bomb Engagement Shoot in Newbury

I have always wanted to use smoke bombs - I just love the colour and drama they bring to images. So when this photoshoot came around, I was just a touch excited! I hunted far and wide for a suitable location. Having never used them before, I was worried about just rocking up somewhere unannounced and setting off a load of smoke. So I contacted lots of areas first and many came back saying no. However, one place that was more than happy to take our request was Red Alert Paintball in Newbury (for obvious reasons). Pete, who runs the centre, was on hand to help us with the smoke bombs as well and was so generous. You'll see from the images just how beautiful the location was. Bluebells covered the ground as far as you could see - it was utterly breath taking. Anyway, enough talking, here are some of the pictures from that shoot.

For details on how you can book your engagement shoot, click here and let me know if you'd like to purchase some smoke bombs to use on the day :)

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