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Summer Family Photoshoots

One of the reasons my job is so great is that every photoshoot is so different. Every couple, family or single I meet are all different and therefore every experience I have with them is different. This is especially true when it comes to family photoshoots. Children can be total surprises when it comes to having a stranger with a camera presented to them. Some children are extremely confident to go with whatever I ask of them, others are very shy and need a bit of time to just hang out together first, and others are balls of energy that cannot be tamed. All of those therefore, create a different vibe when you look at the images afterwards. I always plan certain things before a photoshoot and also always leave room for the unexpected. I will typically think up a few poses, maybe a few prompts or games and then plan different places within our chosen location (to add variety to the images). This particular family photoshoot was one that was full of energy and most of my plans went straight out of the window, as soon as we started. In this job that is not actually particularly unusual and just gives room for further creativity. It became a very 'child-led' session which makes the photoshoot even more unique to this family. I am all in favour of reading the mood of the children and letting that dictate the session. If I had tried to stick to my plan and made the kids sit still, or only look in certain directions, none of us would have been having any fun and that ALWAYS shows in the images. If you choose me as your family photographer, I will base the session around your child's energy and mood. This might mean I'm running after them while they exclaim that they've found some dragon bones (if they are more active), or it could mean giving them some specific instructions or a game to play (if they are shy and need coaxing out of their shell). It also means that I can't guarantee how long a session will be. Typically, I will allow for an hour (unless you've booked a mini session) but again this can be dictated by the child. If we need the whole hour then we will use it. If your child is bored, hungry or just not feeling it then there is no point forcing the rest of the session so we might finish in half the time. Either way I can promise you that, together, we will have captured some special memories that you can hold onto forever.

To find out more about family photoshoots you can either head to the family portfolio gallery, the prices page or send me a message! I would love to capture some of your memories with you.

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