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Top reasons for having an engagement photoshoot


I know that in the UK having an engagement photoshoot, or even a couple's photoshoot, often isn't high on the priority list - especially if you are in the middle of planning your wedding. But I am here to tell you my 6 reasons for why I think engagement photoshoots are SO important and something to be considered.

1. Marking Time

Whether you are engaged, just dating, or have been married for some time, having a photoshoot of you and your partner is a great way of marking that moment in time. To take a break from daily routine and celebrate how far you have come and all the lovely things you still have to look forward to together. How often do we get the chance to do that? This lovely couple below you may have seen quite a lot of over the past month or so on my social media pages. I recently had the privilege of photographing them; they have been married for nearly 3 years and have just bought their first house. YAY for them!!

Couple embracing during a photoshoot
#1 Marking Time

2. Getting some practice

This one is particularly useful if you are engaged. Most of us (unless you're a model?!) don't spend much time being professionally photographed so it can often feel a little uncomfortable at first. That's totally natural and, as with anything, we might not feel great about it straight away. So my guidance to any bride and groom, not used to being in front of the camera, is to have a little practice before the big day.

Engagement photoshoot in the forest while the sun sets behind
#2 Getting Some Practice

3. Get to know Your Photographer

This links in quite well to the one above. Getting to know your photographer better will help you to feel more at ease in front of their camera. This is so easy to do in a quiet setting, away from the hustle and bustle of life. During this time, they will be able to talk you through any fears you have or anything you aren't sure of. As well as getting to know your photographer, it gives your photographer a chance to better get to know you! What you like, don't like, what makes you uncomfortable. You can try things out in a safe setting without any of the time restraints or pressures that come with a wedding day.

couple are walking holding hands towards a wedding venue, shaw house
#3 Get to know your photographer

4. Analysing and Feeding Back

This one might not apply to all of us but there might be things that you see when you look at yourself in the mirror or in a photograph that others do not see. It might be a mole just under your chin or a wispy bit of hair that often floats the wrong way. Like I said, these are probably tiny things that nobody else will notice, and possibly things that you only notice subconsciously and have never even thought to tell anyone. For me, if the day is windy, my fringe goes mental. I'm often left with 90's curtains! (Which ironically my brother in law actually rocked as a teenager for several years.) It was something I hated in photographs of myself but never made the conscious link to it and letting my wedding photographer know. So naturally, on our wedding day, it was crazy windy and there are now so many photographs that should be beautiful but all I can see is my curtain fringe blowing in the wind. I SO wish I had told her so that she could have found less windy spots, or faced us in different directions on the day. If you have something you get self conscious about, and you notice it after your photoshoot, tell your photographer about it. They won't be able to promise they can fix it or even avoid it in the future but you'll have a better chance if they know about it.

Couple laughing during engagement photoshoot outdoors
#4 Analysing and Feeding Back

5. Quality Time

Okay, this one doesn't need much of an explanation. Life is busy. Let's spend some time where your SOLE purpose is spending time with your significant other. You might find that the months leading up to the wedding are pretty crazy so why not book in some time for calm.

Engagement Photoshoot walking along a forest in Wales
#5 Quality Time


The final reason you should consider having a photoshoot with your partner is so that you have photographs you can use. Decorate your home with them, use them on save the dates or thank you cards. You could even go retro and use them to send letters to loved ones when you move house and have a new address. If you have other ways of using your images, leave a comment, I'd love to know. There more original the better!

Romantic moment between a couple during a photoshoot at Shaw House
#6. Use the images!

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