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Top tips when planning your wedding

Your wedding day is fast approaching - Or maybe it's still 12 months away. You might have had to do list's coming out of your ears for months now (and you are still sure you've forgotten something) or maybe you are only just getting started. Either way I am here to give you a few tips, from photographer to bride and groom, to help make sure you get the most out of your special day. Tip #1: Invest in umbrellas!

Don't worry about the rain. I know we all dream of that perfect day when the sun doesn't stop shining but unfortunately, we live in the UK and we cannot control our diverse weather system. Invest in some umbrellas for your day, even if you are getting married in July! It will mean that you are covered for every eventuality and, if that rain does come, you won't feel stressed out by it. Plus, the rain can be super romantic - we've all seen that scene from the notebook where he kisses her in the rain right?!! Umbrellas can also be incredibly romantic even if you end up using them in the sunshine.

Tip #2: How to get a busy dance floor

I know that as brits, we are renowned for being reserved folk and while this has plenty of positives to it, it can mean that many of us aren't big on the dancing in public thing. We don't seem to have taken on board the saying 'dance like no one is watching'. I have found that the way to get around this as a bride and groom is to prep a couple of groups of people. It might be the bridal party, some school friends or your crazy aunt and uncle. Whoever it is, pick a couple of groups that you know (when given the nod) will grab their dancing shoes and take to the dance floor. The trick here is to make sure you have more than one group. Otherwise there is a danger than they will be marked 'the drunkards' and nobody wants to join 'the drunkards' on the dance floor. No - you need a couple of groups to get the vibe going and once the rest of your friends and family see how packed the dance floor already is, they will find it much easier to ditch their self conscious (reserved) ways and join you.

Tip #3: How to get that sparkler shot

This is actually one that I haven't done very much of (I'll hold my hand up!) but it only takes it going wrong once for anyone to see what you need to do for it go right. Two things: long sparklers and lots of lighters. You need to get as many of the sparklers lit at the same time (otherwise the first one will be going out before the last one is lit) and you want them to be burning as brightly and for as long as you can get them too in order to make the most of this gorgeous moment. I feel there should also be a health and safety warning here that although you obviously want it to be dark when you do this bit, you also don't want your guests to be too drunk so pick your moment wisely.

Tip #4: Get LOTS of confetti

Confetti is one of those funny things that feels like just another cost, and many people end up overlooking how much they really need. Your guests are only going to have a handful each right? So surely you can't need that much? Well, in my experience it's always good to do a rough estimate of how much you think you need... and then double it! If you are worried about the cost or thinking you could really do with putting that money towards the rest of the big day, there are some very simple (and eco friendly) DIY confetti ideas here:




Picture this: you and your husband have just said your vows, had your first kiss as husband and wife and signed the certificate. The confetti shot is the celebration of you two and marks the start of your adventure together. So lets make it as magical, and colourful, as possible.

Tip #5: Make it personal to YOU

I know that planning your wedding can be really stressful. It can feel like everyone has an opinion and you can't please them all. Well I am here to tell you that tradition doesn't matter and what does matter is that this wedding is a symbol of you and your other half. Make it personal to you in whatever way that looks like. If you like Star Wars, have Star Wars themed tables! If you can't get enough of unicorns, ride one to the church (yes I know they don't really exist but I'm sure someone somewhere will lend you a horse with a cone on it's head?). Whatever it is that you love or that makes your relationship special, include it in your day. Your guests will love it because they love YOU.

Tip #6: Aaaaaaaand Relax

If you don't end up ticking everything off the to do list, no one will know. If things go wrong they will be stories to laugh about later. At the end of the day, you have done all you can to plan this day and at the end of it, you will have memories that will last a lifetime. You are marrying your best friend and it's going to be amazing.

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