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Top venues in the South of England (Berkshire, Oxfordshire, and Surrey)

I have had the privilege of working with some of the most beautiful venues around Berkshire and I thought I would compile a little list for any of you who are struggling to find venues. These are in no particular order and definitely don't include ALL of them so let me know if you would like to see some more gorgeous venues.

Okay, so up first is this beaut venue. Yep, it's a field. A pretty blank canvas but with the ability to really make it your own, and with an absolutely stunning view

This couple opted for an outdoor ceremony, with hay bales for seating, and a marquee for their sit down meal. If all of that sounds a little overwhelming then don't panic, Cotswold Field of Dreams has you covered and they can provide as much or as little as you need - including things like fire pits, flags, and garden games. If this wasn't enough, you can also arrange for your guests to camp on site so they don't have to worry about how to get home until the morning!

Click on the images to see them properly and get a better feel for this gorgeous location.

Next up we have Great Fosters. Their staff, grounds, and hotel are all wonderful and accommodating. It's rare that you find a location that suits all year around but this one really does fit the bill. If you are struggling to find a suitable winter wedding venue then I would really really recommend this one. Their ability to make it bright, yet cosy is brilliant with plenty of indoor space for when it's too cold or wet to go outside.

This couple got married in the week leading up to Christmas and with a later ceremony time, it was going to be tricky to capture the day with much natural light. But this venue means that you can lean into the darker evenings and embrace the fairy lights, green foliage, and festive feels. All while staying classy and elegant.

Click on the images to see them properly and get a better feel for this stunning location.

Okay, I LOVES me a barn wedding I do. They aren't always the easiest to photograph because they can be dark, and there often isn't anywhere helpful to bounce a flash from BUT aren't they just gorgeous in summer?

They are also super helpful if you are on a budget as you can do as much or as little as you like and it will still look great! This couple went DIY and saved some money by having no seating plan, and arranged for a fish and chip van to turn up for the wedding breakfast. Due to it being an event, they did still have to get food orders from their guests AHEAD of time but it was such a great alternative to the traditional wedding breakfast and meant they could cut out the expense that goes into small details like place names, napkins etc etc.

This was absolutely one of my favourite weddings of the year and this venue continues to be one of my favourite venues. With plenty of space inside and outside, and the ability to camp on site, it has so much flexibility.

Once again, make sure you click not the images below to see them properly, and get a proper feel for how amazing this venue is!

Hillfields Farm is definitely one of the newer kids to the block but they are already absolutely smashing it. They have so much to offer and such a flexible space. It doesn't matter if it's freezing cold and raining, or a glorious heatwave. This venue can handle it. They also have a small amount of accommodation on site so the wedding party can relax knowing they don't have far to stumble to bed.

They only do one wedding per weekend which is also a MASSIVE perk as it means you can opt for a rehearsal dinner if you would like one, or you can all gather again for brunch the following day. They also have a fabulous qualified wedding planner on site to help you with everything!

Click on the images to see them properly and have a little taste of what this beautiful location has to offer!

Balliol College is an unusual option for a wedding because it is primarily used as (you guessed it) a college for teaching. BUT can I just show you how absolutely stunning this place is and with THE nicest, most accommodating staff I have ever come across.

An example with this was at the wedding breakfast. The bride and groom had only paid for myself and my second shooter to have a main meal but the college gave us dessert anyway!! I know that probably sounds really silly but fellow photographers will know that it is often extremely difficult to get fed as a supplier, even when our couples have already paid for us. So this was a HUGE deal and spoke volumes for how kind they are.

I honestly don't even think I need to say anymore because the photos will speak for themselves. Click on the images and take a look at how breathtaking this venue is - and with it being right in the heart of Oxford, there is so much opportunity for gorgeous couples photos too!

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