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I’m Emma and I love capturing life. I studied photography at University but started my professional life as a primary school Teaching Assistant, specialising in early years. I loved working with children, but after a while, I could no longer ignore my hunger for a life with photography. I received my first Nikon when I was 17 and it’s been a passion of mine ever since. 10 years later and I can’t tell you how overjoyed it makes me to say it’s now my job.

I’m married to a wonderful man called Graham and together we have a beautiful little lockdown baby girl. You can see her occasionally popping up on my instagram so head over there if you want to catch her squishy face! We also used to have a pet hedgehog named Sonic (he was a real cutie with his own insta - just search sonic_bettes). Both my husband and I were born in Reading and, other than going away to university, we have lived here our whole lives. I love, love, love being creative and making things look pretty which is the complete opposite to my husband - unless it's a spreadsheet or cooking, anything creative brings him out in a sweat (which is strange because he actually took this photo of me).

My Style:

I love capturing natural moments with natural light and beautiful locations. I particularly love locations that have sentimental value to the couple or family that I am photographing. That could be a walk that you often go on, a field that you like to picnic in or a wooded area you’ve built dens in. Equally, it could just be your ‘happy place’ – for me that’s the beach, for my husband it’s anywhere there is a puppy (or a glass of red) and for Sonic it's having his head stuck in a bowl full of juicy live meal worms!

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