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Privacy Policy

Helloooooo. You have probably already guessed how and why I have your data but just in case you do have any questions, or think I seem a bit suspicious, here is everything you need to know about the data I have and why I have it.

What Data Do I Store?

Basically, any data you give me. Typically this will be your name, possibly other names of those I will be photographing, your address, telephone number and email address. Nope I don't know your date of birth or what primary school your father went to. I only have the data that I need in order to be your photographer :)

How Do I Store It?

The contact form on my website is the easiest and quickest way of sending me your data and this goes to an email address that has a secure password. This email address can be accessed by both my computer and my phone and both of these also have secure passwords. You might also give me your data via email or using one of the booking forms that you then sent me in the post. Any personal data I have is only stored on my email address or in my physical folder (if it was a paper booking form you used). Even my husband doesn't have access to this so I am the ONLY person who will see and use your data.

How Do I Use Your Data?

I use your data to contact you prior to photoshoots (e.g. arranging locations, dates etc) and I use your data afterwards to send you your photographs. I will ALWAYS ask for your permission before I use your photographs on my website, social media etc, however, I won't ask about each individual image. If you give me your consent, then you are consenting to any of the edited images (which you also have copies of) to be used now and in the future (so I also won't contact you every time I want to reuse your photograph over the next year because that would just get a bit annoying for you).

I will never share your personal information with anyone else (not even a second shooter) unless there is a unique specific reason and I have contacted you first to make sure a) you don't mind me sharing your data and b) you know why I might need to share your data on this rare occasion. If you do not give me permission to share said data, then the data does not get shared. Simples :)

Right of Confirmation, Access, Rectification and Erasure

If you do have any questions about your data, please do ask me. If at any point you want me to delete your data or no longer publish your images on my website, social media etc. then please do tell me and I will remove it all. I will also be happy, at any point, to show you the data that I have stored - just incase you aren't sure what you have shared with me. If it turns out that some of the data I have stored is wrong, please do let me know and feel free to send me corrections.

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