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November Berkshire Engagement Shoot along a Roman Wall!

You couldn't find a nicer, more humble couple than Lottie and Scott. For their engagement shoot, Scott had asked if we could go to some roman ruins where he had grown up and I was very intrigued to see what he had in store. I still cannot believe how beautiful the walk was that we went on and also, I have to say that these images were taken just before midday as it was going to be the best time according to the weather forecast (the rest of the day was looking dark and dreary). I cannot believe these are midday photographs. As a photographer, I tend to stay away from this time of day as much as possible because, so often, it's just not flattering! Yet so many of these images display a soft, glorious, golden sun. (The sort of sun that I would only ever expect in the evening at Golden Hour). This winter sun was so kind to us. Absolutely amazing!! And if anyone else is looking for an engagement photoshoot and isn't sure where they want it to be, I now have a new location up my sleeve that I would be happy to share with you. Thanks Scott for sharing it with me!

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