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The Wedding Bucket List

There are a few items on my bucket list that I would LOVE to photograph. If you can help me tick off one
or two of these then I will give you a discount ♥

Let me know if there is something fun or different about your wedding and I would love to add it to the list!! 

Here's What's Left:

1. Destination Wedding 

2. A Beach Wedding

3. A Yurt/Teepee Wedding

4. An Italian Wedding (I do literally mean in Italy)

5 A Rainbow Coloured Wedding (LOTS of bright colours everywhere!)

Here's What I've ticked off:

1. An Outdoor, Forest Wedding  √

2. A Wedding in the Cotswolds  √

3. A Wedding in a Castle  √

4. A wedding in the rain √

5. A city wedding √

6. A village wedding √

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