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Simon & Phoebe

I love hearing all about how people first met and their first impressions of each other. For Simon and Phoebe, they were attending the same church for 3 years before they finally said hello. There's a really cute picture of a dinner that happened and they are both in this photo, unknowingly, sat at different tables. At the time that it was taken, neither of them would have known how their lives were about to change...


Fast forward a few years to their wedding day. They got married in the centre of the gorgeous city of Oxford. We had many plans for the day which included heading to all the local hot spots for photographs after the ceremony, pretty outdoor group photos, and a world record for the longest ever receiving line (okay, maybe not a world record but Simon comes from a very big family so it was going to be pretty long).

It was October and we had just had the best heatwave summer ever... remember that? Feels like ages ago now! Unfortunately, on this particular day, the rain POURED AND POURED! Between that, the roadworks and the bad Saturday traffic we had to be pretty flexible with our plans. Timings had to be shuffled around a little bit and the ushers were now 'professional umbrella holders' - often sacrificing their own shelter for the wellbeing of the guests, bridesmaids, me and Jo (the videographer). They were superstars and I'm so grateful for their umbrella-holding skills!

Simon and Phoebe handled the rain and timing issues like absolute pros. They weren't afraid to get outside in the cold or move things around at the last minute. These photos were a pleasure to take and the day was a joy to be a part of. When I look back at the images I can still hear the two of them laughing together and I hope they can too.



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